Ensuring pro-jobs, pro-consumer state implementation of federal tax reform.


The STAR (State Taxes After Reform) Partnership was formed to help the business community navigate the state legislative, executive, and regulatory reaction to federal tax reform.

States base their income tax codes on federal law, and the Tax Cuts and Job Act will have far-reaching policy and revenue impacts at the state level. State lawmakers have already begun proposing radical changes, such as a 10% corporate tax surcharge in California and a new payroll tax in New York.

The STAR Partnership has worked to provide guidance to states as they navigate the post-federal tax reform world. States should avoid blindly conforming to the Internal Revenue Code. For businesses, conformity without modification is a significant tax increase. The right answer is to decouple from federal base broadening provisions. To learn more, download our advocacy packet here.

The STAR Partnership helps leading businesses with national interests shape state tax reform debates. Businesses that successfully partner with states as tax reform is implemented can generate long-term value. Those that do not engage may end up in an unfavorable position for years to come.

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