General Resources

  • Advocacy PacketClick here to download our advocacy packet, which explains the goals of the STAR Partnership and provides guidance for states in each major issue area. Most importantly, it explains our key point: that states blindly conforming to the IRC is not the right answer, and for businesses, conformity without modification is a significant tax increase. 

  • Guidelines for Rolling Conformity States. Click here to download our guidelines for rolling conformity states. Lawmakers in states which automatically conform to the most recent version of the Internal Revenue Code must take special attention. Rolling conformity creates an accidental tax policy change—a large business tax increase—with no legislative input. Inaction during the 2018 legislative sessions may negatively impact investment and job creation.

  • FAQs. This document answers frequently asked questions about the TCJA's impact on states and why states should avoid conforming to certain provisions of the IRC.


State-Specific Resources

Click a state below to visit the state's resource page. Resources are only available for the states shaded in purple.

If you are on a mobile device and the map is difficult to see, please click here for a full list of states that is mobile-friendly.